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How to celebrate your child’s birthday at school

It’s a shame when our children have to go to school on their birthday but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t celebrate in...

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Bonfire Night crafts for children

Bonfire Night is looming and with that in mind it’s time to get the craft box out because this year we have some exciting DIY decorations...

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Summer Birthday Party Ideas

For those of you whose children have birthdays during the summertime, it’s time to start party planning! This can be a rather...

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10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Children This Easter

Easter primarily symbolises the return of Jesus Christ from the grave and the end of Lent. Yet over the years, Easter has fast turned into...

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Princess Themed Party Ideas

Continuing on from our pirate themed birthday party blog, we thought we’d follow it up with something a little more feminine this month...

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Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas

When it’s your child’s birthday, there is always a certain amount of pressure on the parent. Whether that pressure comes from your...

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