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Summer Birthday Party Ideas

19th June 2016

For those of you whose children have birthdays during the summertime, it’s time to start party planning!

This can be a rather stressful time for parents who want everything to be perfect, as well as feeling slightly in competition with other parents who have gone all out for their child’s birthday. But children’s birthday parties don’t have to be expensive or stressful.

Summer months are the best time to host a children’s party as you can take full advantage of any additional garden space you might have, so the kids aren’t left cooped up indoors.

Here are some creative suggestions for birthday party themes, so your little one can be treated to the best birthday ever this summer!

Tea party

Tea parties are extremely popular at the moment for children’s parties. Following a similar vein to an adult afternoon tea party, this will make your little one and their friends feel like real grown-ups, using their tea pots and cups and saucers.

For those who aren’t a fan of tea (let’s face it, how many children are?) you can fill the tea pots with chocolate or strawberry flavoured milk. For the food, stick to finger sandwiches with a variety of fillings, and a selection of mini cakes, such as victoria sponge or French Fancies.

Decorate the garden with cute bunting and pretty flowers, and lay bowls of colourful sweets out on the table. If you’re using cutlery, tie candy bracelets around the pouches to hold them together, for the perfect finishing touch.

Superhero party

Ask your child’s friends to come in fancy dress (of course), but not to wear a mask; the first activity of the party can be to create their very own superhero masks! Following this, you can plan some obstacle course games in the garden with prizes for first, second and third places.

Another great idea for an activity is the spider-man challenge. Pin a picture of a spider’s web to a wall and draw a few spiders on it. Then, get the children to line up and hand out cans of silly string. Standing from a distance, each child takes it in turns to aim for the spiders with the silly string. Whoever manages to hit the most spiders wins a goodie bag.

Fairy party

For a mythical theme, why not host a fairy party? Invite your child’s friends to come dressed as little fairies and let them run around the garden.

With strict rules for pretty things only, you can decorate the garden in pastel colours such as pinks, mint greens and lilacs, and scatter flowers everywhere. Make your own fairy dust and bottle it up, handing one out for each guest. Create ‘fairies welcome’ signs to set the idyllic mood.

Make cake pops and serve pink lemonade. You could also sprinkle hundreds and thousands, along with some edible glitter over popcorn and call it ‘pixie dust popcorn’.

Get the children to make their own fairy wands that they can eat afterwards by threading grapes onto a wooden skewer and topping with a star shaped piece of watermelon – there you have it, a delicious magic fruit wand!

Seaside party

If your child loves nothing more than being by the sea, you could throw them an under-the-sea party.

Decorate with shells and sprinklings of sand, fill a paddling pool with water and opt for ocean-inspired foods that can double up as table dressings, such as starfish shaped sandwiches, green and red grapes piled up on a skewer to look like seaweed, Guylian shells etc.

Pour sweets, crisps, popcorn etc. into buckets with spades to help spoon them out.

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