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How to celebrate your child’s birthday at school

9th May 2018

It’s a shame when our children have to go to school on their birthday but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t celebrate in their own little ways whilst they’re there. Before dropping your little one off at school, send them in with something exciting that they can share with their classmates. This month, Tiny World are here to offer some fun and creative things you and your child can do in order to mark their very special day.        

Beyond sweets and homemade cake – what other creative ways can I celebrate my child’s birthday at school?

Personalised pencils

Personalise pencils with a little flag that says: ‘Happy Birthday’ along with your child’s name. This is a fun addition to the day that each child can use in class to draw or write with. Choose personalised pencils for minimal disruption – they’re a lovely way to acknowledge a birthday.

Chain decorations

Get crafty and make paper links! Cut out strips of coloured paper, form a circle and tape it down. Once you have the first paper circle, interlink the rest before taping them down, forming a chain. Be creative with your paper chain – why not write ‘Happy Birthday’ on the strips of paper, so it’s not just a decoration but a personalised banner too?


Make a triangle template and have your child draw around it on sheet of fabric, once enough triangles have been drawn, have them cut out the shapes with child-safe scissors. Once that’s done, it’s the parents job to super glue the triangles onto a long piece of ribbon. If you want extra special embellishments, why not use some personalised stickers and place them on your bunting?

Party hats

Decorate white pieces of card with the names of each classmate or choose a simple, colourful design. Once the paint or felt tip pen has dried off, twist the card into a cone and staple to close. Glue on a pair of ribbons each side so that the hat can be adjusted to the individual.


Involve the teacher and make it a special day:

Sing song

Bring in a homemade cake that you and your little one have made together and ask the teacher if they could offer it out at lunchtime – alongside a quick sing song of ‘Happy Birthday’ for your son or daughter.


Ask their teacher if it’s OK to bring in a skipping rope, chalk or a hula hoop – for some fun games outside during their lunch hour.


Talk to your child’s teacher beforehand to see if you can bring in inflated balloons to decorate the class with. They’re cheap and fun for the children to play with. It’s likely that the teacher will prefer this to a sugary dessert.

Celebrate your child’s birthday with style and get creative together! Here at Tiny World we enjoy painting, crafting, exercising, socialising, drawing, storytelling, playing and learning. We offer free child places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and have 30 years of experience working with and caring for children – so you can be sure that your child is in good hands. Take a look at our nurseries today and get in touch with our friendly team, we can be found in Nottingham and Mansfield on Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road and Layton Avenue.