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Princess Themed Party Ideas

18th May 2015

Continuing on from our pirate themed birthday party blog, we thought we’d follow it up with something a little more feminine this month and take a look at princess themed party ideas, for those of you who have little princesses with birthdays fast approaching!


Why not set the mood from the start with an excellent set of party invitations for your daughters friends, to get them excited about the imminent princess party!

Some ideas could include:

Posh calligraphy writing – for a touch of authenticity!

Invite them to ‘the ball’ from the King and Queen for a Cinderella-esque feel

Sprinkle star-shaped confetti inside to surprise them when they open it

Cut the invitation out in the shape of a princess mirror

Games & activities

Try some of these fun game ideas to keep your little princesses entertained throughout the day.

picture 1 tiny world

Pin the kiss on the frog – Similar to the more traditional ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, blindfold the player, spin them round on the spot a few times, hand them the red lips and send them on their way to pin it on the frog’s mouth! The player who pins the lips closest to the middle of the mouth wins!

Edible jewellery making – Using liquorice as the chain, and thread different sweets on to it to make bracelets and necklaces. Some threadable sweets you can use include: fruit loop cereal, fruit roll ups, gummy lifesaver candy.

Find the missing slipper – Select the birthday girl’s shoe (‘slipper’) and hide it somewhere, leaving the rest of the party to find it before the clock strikes 12! (midday of course!)

Party bags – Along with the usual sweeties and treats, you can add in a few princess essentials such as costume jewellery, lip gloss and body glitter, princess wands, colouring books etc.

Food & drink

As a general rule, anything decorated pink and sparkly will pass the princess test, but here are a few extra ideas if you have the time to get creative!

Crown & star shaped sandwiches – This is pretty self-explanatory. Cut out the sandwiches into shapes, just be careful not overload them with the filling as it may ooze out of the sides.

Blue ice cubes – For a Frozen themed party, add blue food colouring into the water before setting the ice cubes in the freezer.

Princess wands – Marshmallows on a skewer with a star shaped cookie on the end (make sure the skewers are robust enough to hold the weight of the cookie).

Princess hats – Bake individual fairy cakes and then decorate ice cream cones and place down on top of the fairy cake. Sink the cones into the buttercream topped cakes to secure them in place.

Pink lemonade – The perfect pink, princessy drink!



Now all that’s left if to help your princess plan the best outfit for her party!

Frozen’s Elsa – Blue floor length, long sleeved sparkly dress with matching sparkly blue cape, hair in a side plait with silver jewellery.

Beauty & the Beast’s Belle – Blue pinafore dress with a white long sleeved top underneath and white apron over the top, and a wooden basket to hold. Or a yellow, prom-style dress with matching long, yellow gloves for real princess look.


Little Mermaid’s Ariel – Green leggings and a purple crop top teamed with a red wig.

Aladdin’s Jasmine – Blue/green harem pants and a matching crop top, headband and gold jewellery.

So, now you’re filled to the brim with all our best princess party ideas, you can go ahead and plan the best princess birthday party ever for your little princess!!

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