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Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas

13th April 2015

When it’s your child’s birthday, there is always a certain amount of pressure on the parent. Whether that pressure comes from your child themselves, as they may want to have the “best birthday party ever!”, or whether it’s the pressure you put yourself under, trying to match what other parent’s have done in the past for their children’s birthdays.

Either way, we’re here to step in and help! This month, we’re going to look at a pirate themed birthday party, which you may think sounds expensive and like a lot of hard work, but that actually doesn’t have to be the case. With our creative and crafty ideas, you will soon realise you can host a fun birthday party for your child, at no huge cost either!

Games and activities

Start the party off with a bang and have some of these games and activities planned for your children’s friends on arrival…

Walk the plank

If the party is taking place in the summer, you can create your own walk the plank. Fill a small paddling pool up with water and then place a plank over the top, resting it on two buckets (one either side). Assist the children as they queue up and attempt to walk the plank – if they dare!

Pin the hat on the pirate

Just like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey, you can put a pirate twist to it and introduce ‘pin the hat on the pirate’. Blindfold your party guests, spin them around a few times, place the hat in their hand and send them on their way try and pin it on the pirates head.

Buried treasure

Fill a sand pit (or a large container/bucket) full of sand and bury some treasure. This could be gold jewellery and gems (plastic of course). Finders keepers!

Hook toss

Place some large hooks to a surface (wooden, cardboard etc.) and give the children some hoops to try and throw onto the hooks.


Now they’ve played a few games, they may be feeling a little tired and need to have a break and re-fuel. Sticking with the pirate theme, why not try and make a selection of these yummy foods…?

Jelly ocean

Choose a blue jelly (dye it with food colouring if you can’t get hold of one) and whilst the mixture is still in liquid form in the bowl, add in a few jelly shaped fishes. Once the jelly has set, add a few more on the top and there you have it: a jelly ocean full of fish!

Hot dog pirate ships

Once you have assembled the hot dogs in their buns, stick a wooden skewer, complete with paper mast, into the middle of the hot dog to create the ultimate hot dog pirate ships.

Hot dog octopuses

Holding the hot dog by one end, slice a knife down the side of the other end, working your way around the width of the hot dog until you are left with thin slices. Stand the hot dog on their ‘legs’ and now you have an octopus! – a great idea if you have any left over after the hot dog ships!


A few finishing touches to set the pirate island mood…


Instead of sending out regular party invitations, you could make scrolls. Make the edges wavy and jagged and stain using wet tea bags. Leave to dry before writing your message in a thick black pen. Roll up and tie with string.

Treasure chests

Buy some paper treasure chests and place the sweets and treats inside. Give one out to every child that comes – a great alternative to a standard party bag.

Palm trees

To help your garden resemble an island, you could buy some inflatable palm trees and have them dotted around the garden for a real-life pirate setting!

So now you’ve seen how you can make your child’s birthday party one to remember with our easy tips for a pirate themed birthday party!

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