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Trick or treat

Trick or treat safety tips

18th September 2017

Halloween is just around the corner and with that in mind, it’s time to think about a few trick or treat safety tips to keep children out of harm’s way.

Never go alone

It’s always important to go trick or treating with your child, especially at a young age. If one parent has volunteered, you may also want to get involved because if there’s a group of children, it’s good to have the help and extra awareness to ensure maximum safety.

Stay visible

Halloween is about darkness, shadows and all things spooky, but you need to consider giving your child something that’ll keep them safe and visible. Glow sticks are a great addition to a Halloween costume, so try making necklaces and bracelets out of them, but remember to let your child know that they’re not to put them in their mouths or bite them.

When you’re walking with them, it’s important to take a torch with you to light up the path as you go. Also, using visual aids will allow drivers to see you when  crossing the road – remember: be bright, be seen.

Comfortable shoes

Try to stick to hook and loop shoes and double tie any lace up shoes to prevent your child from tripping over in the dark, and avoid heels altogether. Keep trick or treating fun by dressing your child in a pair of old comfy shoes that won’t rub their feet like new shoes can.

Don’t go inside

Trick or treating takes place outside, so explain to your children that they are not to enter anyone’s home. If a stranger does ask them to come inside to get the sweets, tell them no and walk away.

Check the sweets

Before your children start digging into their bag of goodies, check them over to make sure that none of them have been opened and that everything is in their original wrapper. If your children are eager to eat a few sweeties during their Halloweeny adventures, take along a few sweeties with you. This way, they will be less inclined to eat from their trick or treat bags before you’ve had the chance to check it over.

Plan a route

Avoid getting lost or taking the long way around by mapping your trick or treat route. This stops the children from getting bored or sore feet along the way.

Know what doors to knock on

Although it can be easy to get whipped up into the excitement of collecting sweeties, explain to your children that they must only knock on the doors of the people you know. Also, if a home has their lights off and no Halloween decorations, it’s a sign that they do not wish to answer the door to trick or treaters.

Make sure their costume isn’t dangerous

Your little ones may look scary but their props need not be dangerous. If they’re using swords and various other toys, ensure that they’re soft foam and not hard plastic.

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