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Top tips to keep children warm during cold weather

13th December 2017

The brisk breeze and cold chills are more than enough to make us sit inside until the summer swings back around but realistically, that’s not possible. So if you and your child are hoping to stay active this winter, know how to keep warm with our handy top tips.


  1. Dress appropriately

    Children find it much harder than us adults to control their body temperature. This is why it’s very important to ensure that you dress your child appropriately when going out into extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. During the winter it’s important to dress in the appropriate footwear best suited to tackle the weather. If it’s snowing for example, make sure that they have a good grip on the bottom of their shoes to prevent trips and falls. If it’s raining heavily they will want closed shoes, so that their feet stay warm and dry.  

  2. Layers

    Wearing several layers will trap the air, insulating you from the bitter breeze. The best materials that’ll keep you warm in winter are generally those made of wool or fleece material, such as synthetic fibres and polyester. Not to mention, you can purchase thermal underwear and layers designed for sports outdoors. These are great items of clothing that’ll allow your child to still take part in their football match or outside adventures.

  1. Hydration

    Dry and cold air can be dangerous to small children as it can dehydrate them; young people lose more water than us adults through their breath. So when you and your family go out, take plenty of warm drinks in flasks and food to keep them well hydrated and their energy levels high.

  2. Have a warm home

    Keep your home around 18°c. It can be dangerous if the temperature drops really low because sometimes we might not notice the rapid decline and this can make both you and your children ill. Set your thermostat to an appropriate temperature, purchase child-friendly heat bags and get snuggly during this season.

  1. Get your vaccines

    Protect your children from the flu and get the necessary vaccines from your GP. The NHS provides free vaccines for children of the ages 2,3 and 4, so it’s important to take your child to have these done to prevent nasty illnesses that come along with the cold weather.

  2. Know the warning signs

    If your child’s clothes are soaked through, make sure that you get them in the warm and have them take off their wet clothes, dry off and put on thermal clothes. Take note of any warning signs such as your child going pale or a funny colour (grey or blue) or blisters forming anywhere on their body. If you notice these signs you must get your child indoors and bathe them in warm (not hot) water. If your child is slurring their speech, shivering excessively or bumping into things, they may be suffering from hypothermia. This is a serious condition and you must call 999.


When it comes to winter it’s important to know how to deal with this chilly weather in order to make the most of the school holidays and time away from work. So whether you’re at home or outside, make sure that your children are warm enough, that you look for any warning signs and keep yourselves well hydrated.


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