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Our top tips for a healthy Summer Picnic

27th July 2016

Our top tips for a healthy summer picnic

Instilling good habits in your children from an early age is incredibly important not only for their health in the present, but also in the future. Children need daily exercise in order to develop strong bones, and to lower their risk of diseases in the future, such as diabetes high blood pressure. Ensuring your little ones maintain a balanced diet that is brimming with vitamins and nutrients can help boost your child’s immune system. Additionally, physical health can also influence mental health too; a healthier body equals a healthier mind, and this may improve both happiness and concentration in your youngster.

Summer is here, the sun is out and picnic season is upon us, but enjoying the warmer weather doesn’t mean a healthy diet has to be neglected. Take a look at our top tips for a healthy summer picnic that is both nutritional and full of flavour.


Fruit skewers are a perfect summer snack that are loaded with vitamins but remember to take the sharp point off the skewer before handing it over to children. A popular one with the kids are melon swizzlers. Make them just before you leave to keep them fresh and full of goodness. If you’re looking for a touch of savoury, grilled cheese and apple skewers are ideal. Not only are they super yummy, they also combine three essential food groups; fruit, grains, and dairy (calcium and protein rich).


Wraps or pitta-pockets are easy to transport and allow you lots of freedom with your fillings. Include a layer of hummus for a protein boost, then pack the wraps full of veggies, cheese or meat. Involve your kids in assembling them, and see who can build the best. Alternatively, you could keep it old-school and make sandwiches instead; try cutting the bread into funky shapes to tempt your kids.

Pasta salads are also another great option for combining a lot of food groups. Vegetables, currants and legumes all work great with pasta, and adding a squirt of lemon juice in the mix can add a much-needed dash of vitamin C. Make it more kid-friendly by using alphabet pasta.


Who said desserts had to be fatty and sugary? Summertime is the perfect season for making fruity puddings that are still sweet enough to treat your kids. Try vitamin-rich fruit yoghurt cups, a dessert that’s perfect for a summer’s day. Simply chop some fruit of your choice and  stir it up with some honey and lemon zest. In a glass, alternate layers of your fruit mix with some low-fat Greek yoghurt and chill in the fridge before your trip.


Shelve the fizzy pop, and bring out your own homemade beverage. After your kids have been running around in the sun, nothing is more refreshing than a cold, fruity drink that’s brimming with vitamins. Try a mango cooler. Fill a jug half with mango juice (make it home-juiced to keep it healthier) and half with a sugar-free lemon-and-lime soft drink. Make your own ice cubes by freezing grapes or blended raspberries.


Here at Tiny World Day Nurseries, we recognise the benefits of healthy food and an active lifestyle for young children and their development. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our excellent childcare services or to arrange a visit to one of our nurseries.