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Tips for first time parents

Tips for first time parents

21st June 2017

So you’re a first time parent, don’t panic! Tiny World Day Nursery are here to provide you with little tips that’ll help you both, short term and long term – including how to hold a baby and how best to tackle your own sleeping pattern. By incorporating our handy guide into your daily routine, parenting will become just that bit easier. Take comfort from our experienced teams’ advice to ensure you and your child are both happy and healthy.

Holding your baby

There are several ways to hold your baby, the cradle hold, the tummy hold, the hip hold, the “hello world” and so on, but you must find one that you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter what hold you choose, just that you hold them safely, comfortably and with confidence. For example, the cradle hold requires you to slide one hand under the head to keep it supported and the other hand underneath their bottom. Widen your fingers to ensure you have a secure hold and raise them close to your chest and they will rest nicely within the crook of your arm.

Look after your health

Focus on your nutrition. If you have any health issues such as diabetes or low/high blood pressure you need to make sure you take some time to sort out your own health, to ensure you have the energy to raise your baby. Looking after a little one is hard work and sometimes a lack of sleep can lead to a loss of appetite, but you must find a balance between finding enough sleep and eating the required amount.   

Sleep shifts

Whether you have a child or not, we all know that their sleeping pattern is a little different to ours. This is why you must come up with a “sleep shift”. For example, when they cry either you OR your partner should get up. If you both get up together, you’re both losing out on much needed sleep. We encourage you to take it in turns, to maximise your sleep.

Have time to yourself

Enjoying your time both with your child and away from them is OK. Don’t feel guilty by taking some time for yourself, if a responsible adult is taking care of your child, relax and do whatever you want to do (even if it’s just catching up on sleep).

Accept help

Being a first time parent can be a scary thing and to leave your child for even a moment can be a thought of nightmares. However, you must take solace from help if it is given to you. If a friend or family member offers to look after your baby whilst you take care of yourself, you should let them. It is a known fact that if a mother feels without help, this can cause postnatal depression. Looking after a baby can be hard and tiring work, so don’t burn out – accept help.

Have a social life

Don’t forget to have a social life, babies may require your full attention but that’s OK, there are people who can help. Make plans with other adults and have a time out. You may want to meet other new parents – this can help reduce stress and is ideal for emotional support.

Spend time with your other half

If you have a partner you should take your baby to daycare or drop them over to your parents to make sure you share some quality time together. Go out to a restaurant, cycle together, be proactive to ensure your relationship isn’t just about your little one.

Let your baby cry it out

Adults associate crying with something being wrong, however with babies it’s generally their way of communicating. Even if they have just been fed and have a clean nappy, they can still cry. You don’t always have to stop them, it’s OK to let them cry it out. Give them a cuddle but relax, it doesn’t always mean that there’s something wrong. This being said, if you do see anything out of the ordinary with your little one, see a doctor to make sure all is well.

Don’t wake them for a feed

Sleeping helps babies to grow and so does feeding time but if they’re asleep, wait for them to wake up. Why disrupt their slumber when you’re getting some peace and quiet too? If they need feeding they will almost certainly tell you about it.


If you’re worried that you won’t know the difference between spit-up and vomiting then here’s how: spit-up is related to feeding and will happen a short period after they’re fed, usually once sometimes twice. Whereas vomiting is when your baby is spitting-up frequently, a good while after food.

Here at Tiny World Day Nursery we want to help parents help themselves – don’t rely on unreliable sources, take it from those who understand. Raise your little one with an extra helping hand when you follow our tips and take time for yourself every once in awhile. If you wish to find out more about us – take a tour, you can find us on either Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road or Layton Avenue in Mansfield. Get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you!