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Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

1st December 2016

Christmas is a special time of year for all children, but it’s especially important to make your baby’s very first Christmas memorable for all the family. It’s the ideal time to choose their stocking, make special tree ornaments and to establish traditions that will see them through every December. Share the festive spirit with your baby, and take a look at our tips for baby’s first Christmas.

Capture the moment

Now we are in the 21st century, capturing memories couldn’t be easier, and photographing or recording your little one’s very first Christmas is a must. This will not only allow you to treasure the special day for years to come, but will also provide some amusement for your baby once they are all grown up. Why not show off your family’s new addition by making your own Xmas cards complete with a photograph of your baby?

Indulge in some seasonal clothes

These days, parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to cute Christmas themed clothing for their children. Now is the time to indulge in this pleasure before your baby gets old enough to form their own opinions. Keep your baby warm and snuggly this December with some themed pyjamas; if you’re feeling brave, you could also join in the fun and purchase a pair for yourself.

Select the perfect stocking

Many children (and teenagers) still have the stocking they were given as a baby. There is possibility that the stocking you choose could become an important bit of memorabilia for the future, so choose wisely.

Baby’s first tree ornament

Often, Christmas tree ornaments have been in the family for years and are a cherished addition to the decorations. Herald your new arrival by buying a special keepsake ornament especially for your baby. If you have other children, you can encourage them to get creative and make their sibling’s ornament themselves, turning it into an opportunity for family craft time.

Establish traditions

There’s something comforting about having long-held traditions in the family. Establishing these when your children are young allows them to grow up with these traditions in place and therefore develop a fondness for them. Whether you want to start the habit of decorating the tree together to the sounds of holiday hits, or begin the practice of wearing matching Christmas jumpers, there are endless possibilities to make your Christmases personal to your family (with the unmissable opportunity to create some fairly wacky ones too!)

Visit Santa’s Grotto

Christmas isn’t complete without a visit to St.Nick. For a day to remember, take your baby on a trip to Santa’s Grotto. This is also great if you have other young children in the extended family, as you can turn it into a group bonding experience. Remember to take plenty of pictures!


Christmas is the perfect time to treat your little ones to some toys and games that they can treasure in the new year. Soft toys are always popular with babies, and can become firm favourites in years to come. Rattles, interactive games and snug clothing are all staple gifts for the baby in your life, but always remember to consider choking hazards before you buy.


Season’s Greetings from Tiny World Day Nurseries. Our team of childcare professionals are getting ready to make this Christmas extra special for all the little ones in our care. We have three conveniently located branches across the Nottingham and Mansfield area, all of which provide a safe and secure place for children 6 weeks to 11 years old. To arrange a tour, or to chat to one of our team, simply get in touch today.

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