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Preparing your child for nursery

25th July 2018

Little steps can go a long way, so before your child goes to nursery, give them a push in the right direction by encouraging them to read and speak to them about nursery. Showing your child that nursery is something to be excited about will certainly help them to enjoy it from the very beginning.

Time away from parents

Our children get so used to spending time with us parents and for some, it can be quite the shock when you’re nowhere to be seen. To ensure your child is well prepared for nursery, it’s important to let them form other relationships, whether that’s another friend their age, their nanny or their grandparents. You needn’t just drop them off for an entire day but an hour here or there, whilst you go shopping can be enough for your children to feel comfortable around unfamiliar faces. Usually children don’t like being away from their parents for too long, so start off simple and work up to an entire morning – eventually they will be telling you about their day with ‘Mrs Y’ and ‘Mr Z’.   

Visiting the nursery

Show your child around their nursery a few weeks before they start, walk beside them as they take in this new environment but allow them to explore the nursery for themselves without too much directing and prompting. When your child first walks through the nursery, it’s likely that they will feel a little anxious and uncertain, so remember to reassure them that they’re here to make new friends and enjoy fun activities.

Potty training

Having your child already potty trained will not only prepare them for adult life but will also keep them comfortable and accident-free at nursery. Most nurseries will expect your child to be potty trained already too, so be sure to train them before they set off on their new adventures. Don’t overwhelm them though, let your child know that accidents happen and that no one will be angry, should something happen.

Pack their rucksack

Before sending them off to nursery, fill their bag with a spare pair of pants and clothes in case of any accidents. Pop a box of fruit or a drinks carton in their bag too in case they need a little something more throughout the day.

Learning to eat properly

Meal time is important, so to give them confidence to eat independently. Teach them how to use their own child-friendly knife and fork and practise with them at home. Don’t worry about making them cut up food for now – the nursery staff will do this for them.

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