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How to manage jet lag with children

28th August 2017

This time of year is perfect for families to go on holiday with their children, which is why Tiny World Nursery are here to ensure that you manage your own and your child’s jet lag. Travelling takes a lot out of us because we must stay alert to board the right flight and keep the kids entertained, whilst managing to fit in lunch along the way. Whether you’re heading off on holiday or returning home, find out how to manage your family’s jet lag with our simple tips below.

Organise a bedtime for the whole family

Consider the time zone you will be entering and try to live by this new time. You can do this by slightly adjusting your sleeping regime four to five days prior to jetting off, to get your body used to the new schedule. Start by going to bed half an hour earlier each night and increase this over time to ensure that you’re ready to enjoy your holiday to the max!

Circadian rhythm is the 24 hour cycle that all living organisms experience, it refers to the natural processes, such as feeding and sleeping patterns. Environmental cues can either aid or affect our circadian rhythm, such as light and dark. You may travel to your destination by day and arrive during the daytime there (almost like no time has passed), which can be confusing to your body clock. This may stop you and your children from getting a good night’s sleep because the body is confused by the light outside. However if you have organised your pattern before you go away, you may not need to miss a day of your vacation.

Take snuggly blankets and travel pillows

Bring your child’s favourite blanket or pillow so they’re comforted, this can help them sleep during the journey. This won’t guarantee sleep because there’s no doubt that they will be excited, but the option is there when they have their sleeping aids.

Hydrate, drink plenty of water!

Dehydration can cause a whole range of issues and it’s certainly the last thing you want on a plane. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration by taking a bottle of water each onto the plane, so you and your children cwatean refresh your bodies throughout the journey. You may even want to take an electrolyte drink to share as this drink helps your body to absorb the water and minerals, rather than just passing them straight through.

For us adults, it’s important to actively avoid caffeine because it can be really dehydrating and as much as we feel that we may need a little lift, it’s better to have a sugary juice drink instead, if you need a kick.  

Wear your comfortable clothes

Avoid putting your children in tight fitting clothes, and instead put them in loose and airy, comfortable clothes to ensure their body can breath and relax. It’s also important to avoid new or tight shoes, though they should be fastened firmly, to ensure your children don’t trip or fall. Try popping on their favourite hook and loop trainers so they can be easily loosened during the flight. By wearing these loose fitting clothes this will help to keep the blood flowing with ease, even when the plane reaches full altitude.

Promote circulation with fish oil

Fish oil prevents blood clots that can happen on long-haul flights. Fish oil also helps to keep you and your children fit, healthy and energised – great for a daytime arrival.  

Take a day to recover from travelling

Although you may feel alright, it’s important to give you and your children a lazy day to recuperate after a long flight. Whether you’re just about to head off on holiday or come back, it’s worth taking an easy day, at a slow pace.

Have a layover

If there’s time, you may wish to have a layover and stop off along the way to your destination. This can give you time to get used to the different time zones and explore more locations.

Soak in the sun

When you arrive at your destination, have a walk in the sun with your little ones, the sunlight will help your body and brain increase the flow of oxygen and it will revitalise the bodies tissue. Not to mention it’ll give you that extra surge of energy, ready for a fun-filled holiday!


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