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How to keep your children safe this summer

How to keep your children safe this summer

19th June 2017

Soak up the summer and make the most of those long sunny days outside with safety in mind. We’re not here to dull down a stunningly vibrant season, we are here to help ensure your children are protected from all that comes with the glorious sun and potential heatwave. Keep the kids safe this summer with our simple safety advice.


Sun Smarts

    • Sun lotion, apply and reapply – allow the skin to absorb sun lotion before going outside, it is recommended that you do this 30 minutes before leaving the home.
    • Cover – it’s hot, we know, but it’s ideal to cover your kids up with light, loose linen. This can help to keep them cool and protect their skin.


  • Be cautious of shade – whilst shade reduces the heat of the sun beating down and provides a cooler corner, it does not protect you from UV rays. Light scatters and is reflected by a number of things – even if you’re sitting under a tree, you will still burn.
  • Avoid peak hours – when the sun is at its highest point between 10am – 3pm, you should avoid outdoor activities. This does not mean you have to put a stop to fun, but you should take this into consideration when making plans. If you do go out, wear sun hats and lotion.
  • Check the weather – look for weather warnings and work around them during the day.


  • Hydration – it is important to ensure your children drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Make sure they have a drink to hand at all times – especially if they’re active during the day, as they will sweat out important electrolytes that need to be replaced.

Water Safety

    • Be vigilant – although it’s a great way to cool down, you must always be on the lookout and provide swimming aids such as floats and inflatable arm bands. Watch your child all the time even if they are good swimmers or stay within arms length. It’s easy for them to tire themselves out due to excitement and in water this can be extremely dangerous.


  • Stay off your phone – it’s easy to get carried away with text messages and social media but if you’re on your phone, you’re not paying attention to your children.


  • CPR Certificate – learn how to perform CPR; should anything go wrong you will know how to save a life.
  • Home swimming pools – it’s important you erect a fence around your home pool and an alarm system that’ll notify you if anything is in or around the pool; ideal for children and pets.


Bug Alert!

  • Sprays – spray exposed skin to repel insects and keep your children bite-free. These should be reapplied if washed off.
  • Allergic reactions – bites and stings may cause some children to experience bad reactions, if this happens you should seek medical attention.
  • Bee stings – avoid using floral fragrances as bees will be attracted to these. Should one land on you or your child, keep calm and blow it away. If your child is stung, brush the stinger away, apply salve and seek medical attention should they experience a severe reaction.
  • Long grass, long clothing – should you and your children go walking through a moist woody area, you will want to ensure that their skin is covered up to avoid tick bites. It’s important that you wash the clothes even if they’re not dirty, to get rid of the ticks that might still be on them.

Poisonous Foliage


  • Foxglove – is a common plant that can be found in the woodlands or hedgerows and is eye-catching with their purple colour. However you must be aware that not all pretty flowering plants are safe to touch. Foxgloves can cause rashes if they are touched and can cause vomiting, diarrhoea or worse, if eaten.
  • Poison Ivy – this plant grows to excess and to the touch can cause a lot of harm such as rashes and blisters. If contact does occur, you must wash and pat yourself dry and apply a soothing antiseptic cream over the skin. If the symptoms persist or get worse, you must seek medical attention.


Tiny World Day Nursery has a wealth of experience with children and we are well aware of the obstacles summer can bring. This is why we want to share our knowledge with you, to keep your children fit and healthy during the summer time. Our helpful and caring team are always on the lookout to ensure only the best for your children. Should you wish to take a tour of our nurseries and know more about us, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.