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Child going to nursery

What do I need to pack for daycare?

6th September 2018

It’s your first child and you’ve read countless survival guides, what to expect when you’re expecting and how to books but now your child is ready for daycare, you’re struggling with what you need to do. This month Tiny World are here to advise you on what’s best to pack when your child heads off to daycare, to ensure they are as comfortable as possible in their new environment away from home.



If your child has to take medicine, make sure you pack it. Tell your daycare nurses what time your child must take their medication and how it needs to be taken. If you do not have the original instructions, write clear instructions on a white sticky label and stick onto the pack, tube or inhaler.


If you have a baby going to daycare and you’re still breastfeeding, fill their bag with enough expressed breast milk or formula in bottles for their day. If they’re having juice already and have their favourite beaker, be sure to equip them by popping this into their bag.


In the summer, always remember to apply a layer of suncream on your child before daycare and pop a roll-on applicator in their bag – their daycare nurses will make sure another layer is applied later on in the day.  

Comfort items

Your child won’t go anywhere without their favourite ‘Mr Rabbit’ or ‘soft blanky’ – let them take something familiar with them, so not everything seems so new and daunting. If you can, buy two of their favourite toys/blankets in case it gets left behind one day.


As you’ve probably already found out, children always need a spare pair of everything, whether that’s trousers, pants, socks or tops – if they’re not covered in food stains, mud or grass then you’ve been lucky so far. Always send your child off with a spare set of clothes just in case, so they can be kept clean and warm at all times.

Label everything

To ensure their belongings don’t go missing, sew or stick name tags on everything – including their bags!

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