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Fathers Day

Father’s Day DIY

7th May 2017

Let’s try something new this Father’s Day. This month Tiny World have put together a bunch of wonderful ideas so both Mum and the little one can get started on making something extra special for Dad this year.

Father’s Day Scratch Card

Scratch cards can be really fun – not to mention if there’s something good behind it. In this case, it’s the child’s moment to let their Dad know just how much they appreciate him.

What you need

White card folded in half

Coloured card

Silver craft paint

Washing up liquid

Ball point pen

Clear laminating paper

How to

  1. Draw 4 circles on the coloured card and write four words describing your Dad in the middle of each.
    * For example: “loving”, “caring”, “clever”, “Number 1 Dad” *
  2. Adult – cut the circles out.
  3. Glue circles to the front of the white card.
  4. Adult – stick the clear laminating paper over the white card.
  5. Help them mix 2 parts paints with 1 part washing up liquid.
  6. Paint onto the clear laminating paper, over the circles and leave to dry. Repeat one more time.
  7. Write inside the card and your fancy Father’s Day card is ready to give to #1 Dad.

Father’s day questionnaire

What you need

White photo frame

5 Coloured pre-cut triangles






How to

  1. Sit down with your little one and ask them to describe Dad. Let them describe Dad and what they like best.


For example:


My Dad’s name is …

He is … feet and …. inches tall

He has …. coloured eyes.

His hair colour is…..

His favourite show is…..

He likes to eat….

My Dad laughs when…

My Dad is happy when…

He calls me “…”

My favourite thing about my Dad is…

I love my Dad because…

Happy Father’s Day Dad!


  1. This can be typed up by an adult, however if the handwriting fits on one page and can be read when placed into a frame, this personal touch is best.


  1. Whether you have decided to type the message or keep the original, slide it into the frame and fix together.


  1. Using the pre-cut coloured triangles, place a little bit of glue onto the top of each piece, and glue onto the string to create your own bunting then leave to dry.


  1. Glue the bunting to the top of the frame.

#1 Dad Kite

What you need

Thick brightly coloured card

2 Sticks from the garden




How to

  1. Turn your sheet of brightly coloured card to a diamond shape. Write “#1 Dad” in the middle on the front.
  2. Place the sticks in a cross on the back, let them overlap each other in the middle and reach each corner of the paper.
  3. Tie them both together in the middle with a small piece of string, make a small knot with no excess.
  4. Tie a piece of string to each end of the stick, leaving enough length to meet all the other pieces together and leave enough for a little extra slack – good for leverage when flying the kite.
  5. Tape over the ends of each stick to the card securely.
  6. Tie the ream of string to the middle of the four pieces that have been joined.
  7. You’re ready to go fly the kite with Dad!

Do something different this Father’s Day and have fun creating something that you know Dad will love!

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