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Easter eggs

Easter crafts to make with your children

7th April 2017

Easter is just around the corner, so it’s time to get crafty to make that Easter egg hunt extra special! When the Easter bunny has finished hiding the sweet chocolate surprises under plant pots, around the base of the trees and in long patches of grass, it’s time to make a basket so the kids can carry their goodies! You may even want to decorate the house from top to bottom, so why not make it a family activity with Grandma and Grandad too. Here are some fun, crafty ideas for your little chicks to make this Easter.

Basket of Treasures

What you need:

  • Recycle a plastic brown basket (that mushrooms are packed in)
  • Easter stickers
  • Glue
  • String/ribbon
  • Strip of brown felt (for handle on basket)
  • Coloured tissue paper

How to:

*Parents: place two holes on either side of the basket and two hole punches in each side of the brown felt strip.*

  1. Holding the ends of the felt inside the basket, line up the holes and thread the string or ribbon through each hole. You may want to help your child tie a knot or bow on each side of the basket.
  2. Decorate with stickers.
  3. Scrunch the paper tissue into balls and glue carefully on the inside of the basket.
  4. Now they’re ready to pack their baskets full of Easter goodies!


Easter Bunny Disguise

What you need:

How To:

*Parents: cut out dotted lines around the eyes and pop holes in the sides – so a ribbon tie can be attached to either side of the face mask.*

  1. Colour in the ears and nose with a felt tip pen.
  2. Glue cotton wool balls to the mask for the rabbit’s cheeks.
  3. Glue silver between the cotton on the cheeks, 3 small ones on each side for whiskers.
  4. Thread through the ribbon and tie into a knot on each side (you may want to help).
  5. Place over their face and tie into a bow at the back!


If you’re having an Easter celebration then you should get the whole family involved, by making all sorts of decorations! If you would like more ideas for those exciting Easter crafts, see these carefully selected DIY Easter decorations. You could make a funky Easter egg bunting or carrot garland to decorate the walls or outside for a picnic, you could finish the table with a large centrepiece and maybe even a colourful wreath for the front door!

Here at Tiny World Nursery, we love to mix learning with play in order to make these fun moments memorable! If you would like more information about our day nursery, please give us a call or email us today – we would love to organise a tour for you!