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Most common baby’s first words

9th May 2017

This month with Tiny World Nursery we will be discussing a baby’s most common first words. If they haven’t quite made it to “Mum” yet, fear not, as some words are harder to pronounce than others, due to the tricky combination of letters. This will become much clearer when their speech begins to develop.

Below are the words that are considered to be the most common first words for a baby to speak.


Dad (or variations such as Daddy, Papa, etc.) Unsurprisingly, Dad is the number one most common word for your baby to speak. D is an easy letter for babies to pronounce as their babbling usually consists of b’s and d’s. They will probably hear Mum say ‘Dad’ a lot too, as Mum will generally be around the baby the most, during the months of breastfeeding. It’s not uncommon for mothers to talk to their baby about Dad, and this is how they pick it up, through repetition and the association between the word and eventually, the individuals’ face.


Mum (or variations such as Mummy, Mum, etc.) Naturally, if you’ve heard your baby speak their first word, Daddy – you will most likely try your best to get them to say Mummy next, reinforcement usually lends Mum to be the second most common word spoken. This being said, babies may need to get a grasp of other words before they start experimenting with ‘m’ sounds.

Hi (various variations) Nearly every person that sees your baby will say hello to them. This is usually said with a wave, this can prompt babies to recall the action and the sound together.


Baba (various variations) babies always hear their parents say Mummy and Daddy but what about Baby? Once their cooing develops into formed letters, Baba becomes a phrase that they love to say.


Dog (Doggy) when reading to your baby or pushing them in a pram you may come across a picture or a dog passing by. If they babble about what they see, parents are likely to encourage them by telling them what they see in front of them. “That’s a dog, yes doggy!”.

Ball – a toy that all babies come into contact with, they’re great for rolling back and forth, they encourage babies to understand shapes and if you have a pet, they will happily throw one to them. Babies are more likely to remember simple words like ball, hence why it’s in the top 10.


No – for some reason babies can be fascinated with the word. This can be due to the parents telling them no when reinforcing that they shouldn’t be pulling on cables, throwing things or generally going near things that could possibly cause any harm. Babies will mimic you, which is why ‘no’ might become their favourite word.


Cat (or Kitty) – children love pets, they’re fluffy, cuddly and playful. They can become lifelong pals which is why they will say cat or kitty because they will want to get their attention.

Nana – the next best person that’ll love your baby unconditionally is their Nan/Grandma. When they come to visit they will enjoy saying the word Nana, it’s easy and simple to say.

Bye – a word used by everyone everyday, with so many friends and family coming over to see you and your baby they will hear this alot. It’s also polite to say ‘bye’ which is why we say it to our children, as we previously mentioned ‘b’ words are also easy for babies to say which is probably why it’s a common first word.



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