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Everything you need to know about a child-friendly playlist

17th April 2013


When it comes to choosing music for your child to listen to there are a wealth of options available, from dedicated CDs with child-friendly pop songs, classical tunes to lull them to sleep (or improve their cognitive brain function – though this has not yet been scientifically proven), and even bespoke pieces with playful lyrics about cats and dogs. But have you considered the impact this music can have upon your children? Music can be used for a number of purposes when children are involved, and when you’re putting together a playlist for your child you might want to consider the following:

How will you use the music?

If you are having a children’s party you could download a pre-fabricated list of songs designed for children, some of which incorporate instructions such as ‘clap your hands’, which little boys and girls find absolutely delightful – and it’s a delight to watch them interact with each other and the music. But if you’re using music as a tool during your bedtime routine, you will want to choose something much more soothing. This could mean you choose a specific lullaby tune, many of which can be found through YouTube by parents sharing their perfect lullaby playlists, or perhaps some lyrical music of your own. In this case we recommend something without strong lyrics or instrumentation – that means rock or rap music is a no-no! – or any theme tunes for your child’s favourite films, such as The Aristocats.

How music can help you

If your child particularly enjoys a certain genre of music or a tune, you can use it as a reward. For example, if you struggle to get your children into bed at night because they are excitable, if they can get into bed in a timely manner they are rewarded with a song of their choice. This will serve two purposes: it will encourage them to get into bed without you having to constantly ask them, thereby giving them responsibility. By giving them the responsibility they will learn in a direct way how their good behaviour affects them, thus making bedtime more fun. And once they are in bed they will listen to the song and thus diffuse any hyped-up energy they may have had up until that point – ensuring a quite night sleep.

Introducing your child to new kinds of music will help to widen their appreciation of it too, even if they can’t fully grasp the meaning of it yet. You can educate them with music that extends beyond the child-specific genre and because you pick the songs it can be something both you and your child can enjoy without reverting to the Noddy theme song on repeat.

Here at Tiny World, we understand the influence of music and incorporate it through your child’s play, be it a nursery rhyme to unite the class or a soothing song at break time. To read more interesting and helpful articles you can visit our Latest News page.