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How can I help my child interact with others?

12th February 2018

It’s vital that children learn social skills at a young age because this can influence the rest of their lives. Child development can be aided by us parents, and with gentle guidance we can help our children develop their social intelligence, by teaching them how to build good friendships and overcome rejection.

Even the majority of us adults, don’t practise what we preach when it comes to the socialising, as we can still be awkward in some situations and most of us still find rejection very difficult. This being said, by practising these life skills with our children, we can work together to better each other.

What social skills do children need to learn?

  • How to listen to others
  • How to follow the rules
  • How to ignore distractions
  • How to ask for help
  • How to be nice to others
  • How to take turns when you talk
  • How to be aware of your behaviour

These skills may seem basic but children at this age are easily-influenced, so it’s important to set the rules straight before they begin to develop any bad behaviour or habits. The list above is important, and this will help them to hone skills that they will use every day for the rest of their lives. This isn’t to just make parenting easy, it’s to help children succeed in a world where these manners will help them to get far in both their personal lives and future careers.  

How do I encourage my child to interact with other children?

There are many things you can do to encourage your child to socialise with others. These include:


Set up playdates
Organise a playdate, preferably with a child that they’re already friends with at nursery. Alternatively, if your friends have children roughly the same age, invite them over, so they can have fun colouring and playing together.


Keep playdates short

One to two hours is enough for children to socialise, as it can be quite tiring for them at a young age.

Get involved
Don’t just leave it to the children to get along – help them along. With a little guidance, they will feel comfortable – especially if they’ve only just met. Be there to encourage shared play and avoid squabbles over colouring pencils and toys. Oversee any games to ensure their safety, for example, when they’re playing hide and seek or paddling in a pool.


Plan for the playdate
Sort out games that the children will enjoy, whether that’s board games, cake decorating or finger painting – having plenty of toys and materials will avoid any falling outs and will keep your child and their playdate happy.


Keep to a schedule
If the playdate goes well, try organising one a week. Eventually, you could try leaving them at their friends house for a short period of time. This will help them to grow independence and to encourage them to socialise with others freely.

If you’re looking for day nurseries that offer your child a whole variety of activities, you can count on Tiny World Day Nursery to help your child learn, play and develop their social skills. We can be found around Nottingham and Mansfield on Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road and Layton Avenue. Give our team a call today to know more about what we have to offer or to arrange a tour of our nurseries – we’d love to hear from you!