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How to build a child’s confidence

26th June 2018

Parenting is rewarding but certainly not a breeze, and there’s always that moment when we must take the back seat so that our children can build confidence on their own and develop the skills which will lead to lifelong independence. This month, Tiny World Day Nursery are here to offer tips on how to guide and raise your child, so that they have the confidence they need to grow and develop.

Building your child’s confidence with: different levels of praise and compliments

Of course, we want to praise our children for everything they do because positive reinforcement is what drives a person to do better. This being said, too much praise can have a negative effect and lead your child to become accustomed to this. When this happens, children can find it difficult distinguishing between what’s good practice – like putting their washing in the basket and what’s really an accomplishment, such as obtaining a swimming badge.

Try to avoid over complimenting your child when they do simple, everyday things that they are expected to do, like brushing their teeth because a simple ‘thank you’ is good enough. To establish levels of high praise, you may wish to express how proud you are with next level reinforcement such as, ‘congratulations, i’m very proud of you’ – you may even wish to take them out for a treat.

Building your child’s confidence by: allowing them to work it out for themselves

When you see your child upset, the first thing you want to do is intervene but this isn’t always the answer. Attempting to get your child invited to a party that they weren’t invited to, isn’t going to help. Your child needs to be aware that it’s OK not to be friends with everyone and to not succeed at everything.

Throughout our lifetime, we will experience a mixture of emotions and as a child, it can be hard to control these feelings. When your child is upset, it’s good to let them express how they feel – because it’s completely normal to feel sad and angry every now and then. Do not have them suppress their feelings because it’s important to help them learn how to cope and overcome situations that make them feel this way. Talk to your child and explain to them that everyone makes mistakes and that things can get better when we try and move on.

Building your child’s confidence by: letting them make decisions

Something as simple as giving your child the option of what they would like for dinner will encourage them to form opinions and let them trust their own judgement. Of course, give them a choice that won’t overwhelm them, such as ‘would you like a yogurt or carrot sticks as a snack?’ – rather than, what would you like for lunch.

Building your child’s confidence by: encouraging their interests

Allow your child to explore many different activities, so they can find something they truly enjoy. Children with a passion for art, baking, sport – whatever it is – can make them extremely successful in other aspects of life. Hobbies are great outlets for children because it can help them to focus on something positive, even when they’re having a bad day – this can improve their behavior, mood and skill set.

How will confidence benefit my child’s future?

As your child grows and explores primary school, secondary school, college or straight onto a new job – they will feel more excited rather than anxious when taking their next steps. Confidence is key when growing and this can encourage your child to achieve their dreams.


At Tiny World Day Nurseries we pride ourselves in all we have to offer and the advice we have to share. We have been caring for children for over 30 years and we are Ofsted registered, so you can be sure that your children are in good hands. If you would like to take a tour, please contact us today – we can be found around Nottingham and Mansfield on Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road and Layton Avenue.

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