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10 Reasons to Travel With Children

1st October 2016

Travel is a liberating and educational experience for anybody, but for young globetrotters, venturing away from the nest is hugely beneficial for personal development and for cultivating a fresh view of the world. As much as children love being at home, surrounded by their toys and games, it’s also healthy that they experience new places and expand their horizons. Get the adventure started, and read our top ten reasons to travel with children.

Coax them from their comfort zone

Experiencing fear and delving into the unknown are crucial for everyone, from babies and toddlers, to fully grown adults. When your children leave their comfort zone and adventure in an unfamiliar place, this has the potential to boost your youngsters’ confidence and prepare them for other unknowns that life might offer.

Education, education, education

The world is arguably the best teacher available, and travelling abroad can teach geography, history and languages simultaneously, and allows the whole family to learn together in a new setting.

Expose them to new cultures

Earth is home to a wealth of races, religions, cultures and cuisines, and allowing your children to directly experience and learn about this rich diversity can open their eyes to the true vastness of the world. This can help them to nurture compassion and understanding for other people and their differences, which will be useful when it comes time for your children to make friends at nursery and school.

Unplug the family

Sadly, many modern families spend more time staring at screens than talking to each other. Travelling is an opportunity to unplug your children from their phones and consoles, and teach them the importance of looking up from the pixels and out at the world. Only being able to pack a few key toys or devices will show your little ones that they can survive without their home comforts and will give them practice of not relying on material goods.

Take it slow

Everyone needs to relax, even the most hyperactive among us. Holidays offer a break from the hurried routine of homelife, and a chance to take things slow and absorb the new surroundings. Giving children time to appreciate a new place is great for development of patience and attention to detail.

Make some memories

Fill your family album with memories of new adventures. Travelling can give everyone in the household something to remember, and children can often recall memories of their childhood holidays well into adulthood.

Bond as a family

Jetting off is a time for families to untangle themselves from their daily lives and routines, and spend some quality time together. When you get involved in activities and sightseeing with your children, it can bring everyone closer together and is a valuable opportunity for the family to focus their time on each other instead of jobs, bills or the housework.

Train your children to be frequent flyers

In a globally connected world, holidaying abroad is becoming easier in addition to more people travelling for jobs or to study. Honing your child’s interest in travel, and getting them used to the process in general, could prove advantageous for their future travelling exploits.

You can experience travel in a different way

Travelling with children is very different to travelling as solo adult, from the activities you partake in, to the restaurants you go to; but this can be a good thing. Let their curiosity inspire you as seeing the world through a child’s eyes can enrich your own experience. Also, as an adult, you will have a perfect excuse to visit child-orientated places, such as funfairs, themed restaurants, and zoos – all of which adults secretly enjoy too.

Home or away

A trip with the children doesn’t have to be abroad; staying on British shores can also boast the same benefits as globetrotting. It is the act of embarking on an adventure together that is the most valuable aspect, and this can be achieved without setting foot on a plane. Journeying to a new city, or taking a mystery road trip can also reap similar rewards to abroad travel, such as boosted confidence, family bonding and unplugging.

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