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Top 10 fun indoor activities to do on a rainy day

25th February 2014

As adults, we can embrace a rainy day as an excuse to have a nice cosy day at home. But for those of you with young children it can be a rather different experience as they become bored easily and hate the confines of being stuck indoors.

So, here at Tiny World we’ve came up with our top 10 fun indoor activity ideas to do with your children.

1)      Movie afternoons

Snuggle up on the sofa with your kids, have popcorn and drinks at the ready and enjoy the afternoon watching some classic children’s movies together.

2)      Baking day

Spend the day baking some special treats together, maybe cupcakes or biscuits. Let your child read the recipe out aloud to you and help them in all stages.

3)      Make a den

Use boxes, soft blankets, mosquito nets (if you have one), lots of fluffy pillows, torches and fairy lights (if you want to go all out!). This can be their secret place where they can play or read books with you.

4)      Finger painting

Choose a selection of colours and get creative! Let your kids stamp their fingers into the paint and make pretty patterns and pictures on paper. Although great fun, it can be rather messy, so make sure you supervise your children throughout the whole duration of this activity to avoid getting finger prints over your furniture and walls!

5)      Board games

Pull out the board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Frustration or Pictionary. Try and have a mixture of new and old ones to keep your children entertained throughout.  Make sure you have some drinks and snacks and the time will pass by quickly.

6)      Room sorting

This is more for older children and may seem a bit boring but spending the time to sort out the children’s bedrooms is a good way to spend a rainy day. Get them to sort through all of their wardrobes and drawers, clearing out anything that hasn’t been worn or used in a while.  Make a pile to send to charity shops and a pile to throw in the bin.

7)      Cress heads

Let your children draw funny faces onto a half a dried out egg shell.  Place damp cotton wool at the bottom of the shell and sprinkle some cress seeds into it. Then you can watch as their hair begins to grow!

8)      Dressing Up

Dressing up is a fun and exciting way to spend a rainy day with the children no matter what age they may be. You can help them create outfits and make home-made hats, jewellery and accessories.

9)      Hide and Seek

Using the whole house to play hide and seek can be great fun for kids. Help by giving them ideas of where to hide and let them follow the giggles to discover where each other are hiding…

10)  Read a book

Get your children to select their favourite books, cuddle up on the bed and spend an afternoon reading through them. Let the kids take part reading some sections and have fun putting on funny voices for the different characters.

So, the next time a rainy day comes your way and you’re thinking ‘what am I going to do with the kids all day…?’ try choosing something from our list and we’re sure your children will have a fun filled day – and you might even have fun yourself!

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