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Top 10 activities to do with your children this festive season

15th December 2013

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, but for children it is the most exciting time of the year that they’ve probably spent the last two months waiting for. So, to keep your kids occupied on the build up to Christmas so their excitement doesn’t get too much to handle, here’s a list of the top 10 activities to do with your children during this festive season.

Ice Skating

Outdoor ice rinks can provide all the family with great fun during this festive season. Make sure you wrap up warm and if you go early evening when it’s dark, you can enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere of the surrounding lights and hustle of late night shoppers while skating around showing off your best moves and tricks!

2)      Have a pine cone hunt

This time of year, you can easily find discarded pine cones lying on the ground beneath pine trees. Collect a bunch of them when out on country walks and take them home to decorate. Spray paint them silver or gold and coat them in glitter to make festive table decorations.

3)      Watch Christmas films

Watching Christmas films is great for those days when you want some time out. Watch a mixture of traditional and modern films such as; Santa Claus: The Movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Grinch, Home Alone, Scrooge and Miracle on 34th Street to name but a few family favourites.

4)      Make homemade Christmas cards

Homemade Christmas cards are not only endearing and lovely for friends and family to receive, but you can also get really creative with them. Glue balls of cotton wool onto card to make snowmen, use lots of green hand prints to make a Christmas tree, pipe cleaners for tinsel and lots of glitter to give them true Christmas sparkle!

5)      Go to the pantomime

Buy tickets to go and see your local pantomime for guaranteed family entertainment this Christmas. They usually begin at the end of November and run through to the middle of January, so there’s plenty of time to go and see one (and they’re actually great fun for adults as well!)

6)      Write letters to Santa

Sit down and help your children write their letters to Santa. This can be a really lovely activity to take the time to do as it often strengthens your child’s belief in Santa Claus, plus you get to keep the letters to look back on in years to come.

7)      Night time walks

In the evenings after you’ve had your dinner, go for walks around your local area so your children can see all the different Christmas decorations that are on show. You could even turn it into a competition by grading them out of ten and picking a winner.

8)      Donate Toys

Collect all old and unwanted toys to send to children in third world countries for Christmas. This will not only help you by having a good sort out but will also help your children appreciate Christmas and not take it for granted.

9)      Bake

Bake a selection of Christmas cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, snowflakes, gingerbread men etc. and buy a selection of coloured icing and edible decorations to make the activity even more exciting!


10)   Visit Santa’s Grotto

There’s nothing quite like visiting Santa to get you and your children into the Christmas spirit. Let your kids feel the Christmas magic and excitement of meeting Santa, his elves and reindeers in his snow covered Grotto this Christmas.

So why not give some of these a try this Christmas and get all the families’ festive spirits in full swing while enjoying some quality family time together.


For more information about exciting activities to do with your children this Christmas, please get in touch with Tiny World, your local children’s nursery in Nottingham.