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How to support a child with low self-esteem

23rd July 2014

Growing up can be tough. We all know this for a fact as we’ve all been there, and although that might have been many years ago, one thing that stays the same are the trials and tribulations of finding and encouraging our self-esteem, such as recognising our strengths and weaknesses and feeling good about ourselves.

In order to offer your child the best start in life by believing in themselves, they need the right help and support from their parents. Granted, they will not suddenly find their self-esteem overnight, but it is something that needs to be encouraged and nurtured by listening and offering constant love and support, letting them know that you would never judge them for feeling the way they might feel at times.

 Offer your child encouragement by drawing on all the positive aspects of their personalities – shy away from any physical attributes and focus on the person inside.

 Try not to make it into a big deal, so rather than taking your child to one side and having a talk with them, try and incorporate it into day-to-day life by just having a chat with them.

 Explain to them that failing isn’t the end of the world as long as they have tried. You could go even further and say that, chances are, they will try and they will fail, and they might try and fail again; but they will have a better understanding of their own capabilities from doing so.

 Focus on what your child’s capabilities are. Is there something they are passionate about, that makes their eyes light up and get excited over? If you concentrate on this then your child can build their confidence up knowing there is something they excel and do well in.

 It is crucial to never compare your sibling to another sibling or even a friend they may have. Every child is different and comparing them to others will lower their self-esteem, making them feel worthless and useless.

 Listen to them at all times. Don’t be too hard on them if they are feeling down about something, instead you should be tentative and offer them rational advice and support so they don’t feel like they are tackling the problem alone.

Self-esteem is of a similar nature to self-worth, and once an individual begins to approach adulthood, it can be very hard to make changes and help them see themselves differently and realise their capabilities. That’s why it is so important to implement these stages from a young age, as factoring these into your child’s life will help them to realise that that are loved unconditionally and are also aware of their own abilities, maintaining a healthy balance.

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