Dad drawing with daughter

How to build a child’s confidence

Parenting is rewarding but certainly not a breeze, and there’s always that moment when we must take the back seat so that our children...

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Girl riding bike

How to teach your child to ride a bike

Teaching a child how to ride a bike is something that takes great patience and attention. That being said, it’s an incredibly exciting...

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birthday balloons

How to celebrate your child’s birthday at school

It’s a shame when our children have to go to school on their birthday but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t celebrate in...

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first aid kit

First aid tips for parents

Last month we covered the topic ‘5 First Aid Lessons to Teach Children’ and this month, we’re here to share all important first aid...

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child with tooth missing

What to expect when your child is losing their teeth

When your child reaches their third birthday, it’s extremely likely that they will have a full set of 20 baby teeth. This is a great...

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5 First Aid lessons to teach children

Children have a relative idea of what’s wrong and right and what can harm them because from the moment they’re born, we’re constantly...

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Child easter egg hunting

Where’s best to Easter Egg Hunt in Nottingham 2018?

If you’re looking to celebrate Easter with the kids - know where’s best to go in Nottingham! This month, Tiny World Day Nursery are...

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Children holding hands

How can I help my child interact with others?

It’s vital that children learn social skills at a young age because this can influence the rest of their lives. Child development can be...

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Night light

How to Overcome Children’s Fear of the Dark

Children have wonderful imaginations but because they’re unable to decipher between what’s reality and what’s fantasy at such a young...

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