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Helping your child get through their exams

18th August 2014

When it comes to the summertime, most of us begin to relax a little more and look forward to those sunny days spent outside. However, for our children, the summertime can be a time of turmoil and stress as they prepare for the looming exam time to start!

Soaking up information from several subjects (sometimes with more than one exam per day!) can really stretch and test a child’s capabilities to remain cool, calm and collected when going head to head with exams!

When it comes to this crucial point in their lives, most of us can empathise with how harrowing and stressful it can be, and it will come natural to want to help your child wherever possible. We’re going to suggest some simple but effective tips for things to try leading up to the exam, the night before and on the actual day of the exam, so things can hopefully run as smoothly and stress-free as possible for your child…

Leading up to it…

 Help your child to create a revision timetable – this should include realistic targets as it’s important not to cram too much in. Your child can also tick off each subject as they complete it so they can feel the satisfaction of having accomplished something.
 Active revision is the key to remembering, so encourage your child to make notes, highlight important bits, recap the main points, use websites for educational games and activities, as well as trying past exam papers to help prepare as much as possible.
 Make sure your child takes regular breaks in between revising – 5-10 minute breaks can help digest the information.
 Praise their good work and ask them if there is anything you can help them with e.g. testing them.

The night before…

 Help your child organise as much as they can the night before. Help them pack their bag with their pencil case and lunch etc. and set their uniform out ready.
 Encourage them to eat well with limited sugary snacks. If the stress causes them to lose their appetite then make sure they are eating smaller, lighter meals.
 Try to encourage a restful night’s sleep, so make sure they avoid caffeine before bed time.
 Set an alarm clock for in the morning, allowing plenty of time so you’re not both rushing.
 Run them a bath or suggest they take a shower to help them relax and unwind before bedtime.
 Make sure they refrain from cramming in any late night, last minute revision!
On the day…

On the day…

 Don’t frantically rush and panic to get things done, leave yourself plenty of time to help your child get ready at a steady pace.
 Make sure they have a good breakfast to set them up for the day ahead.
 Give them a bottle of water to take into the exam room with them so they can keep hydrated.
 You could give them a small treat once the exams are over to acknowledge all their hard work and effort!

As well as implementing these suggestions, as a parent you should try and be at home as much as possible to support your child through this time in their lives. You should also refrain from nagging them about the little things, such as putting their clothes in the wash and tidying their room up, as this will only add to their stress and distract them from their far more important revision duties.

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