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Handy Potty Training Tips from Tiny World

1st August 2015

Potty training your little one can be one of the hardest times as a parent. Up until now, your child has been used to simply using their nappy, so the transition period of switching to using a potty seems alien to such a young child.

Potty training roughly happens between the ages of 18 and 24 months. However, every child is different so another rule of thumb to go by is when your child’s gap between wetting is roughly one hour – any less than this and potty training them will be extremely difficult.

When the time comes that your child is ready to be trained, try using some of these handy tips to help make life a little easier – for you both!

Familiarise them with the potty

It’s advisable to get your child used to the potty from an early age. As soon as they begin to walk, put the chair out and allow them to become familiar with seeing it. Let them sit on it, play on it, explore it and then when the times comes that they are ready to use it, it won’t seem such an unknown and scary foreign object.

Learn your child’s routine

If your child has regular bowel movements at the same time time each day, then try to encourage them to the use the potty instead and leave their nappy off. Likewise, your child may let on they need the toilet, perhaps by pulling a certain facial expression or acting a certain way. If you notice any of these, you should encourage your child to make their way to the potty, rather than using their nappy. When you do notice these, make sure you speak to your child and ask them if they need the toilet. This way, they are involved and it lets them know it is okay to talk about it.

Be their role model

It’s amazing just how much your child will learn from you simply by watching and following. When you go to the toilet, ask your child if they want to use the potty too and put their potty down for them to use. Even if they don’t end up actually using it, just sitting on it and seeing what you do will help them learn.

Don’t force them

Using the potty is not something that comes naturally to young children, so it’s important not to lose your temper with them if they get it wrong or have a bit of an accident when trying to use their new potty. You should never force your child to use one either. They will do this themselves when they are ready, but if you force them or are negative around the subject, you may put them off trying to use it altogether.

Praise them

When the time comes that your child successfully uses their potty for the first time, you should praise them as much as possible. They will enjoy your praise and want to do it again to make you happy!

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