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Halloween activities for children

Kneading dough

It’s nearly that time of year again where the evenings are longer and the days shorter; a time when our children like to get dressed up and enjoy the spooky festivities Halloween has to offer. This month, Tiny World are here to share a few personal favourites when it comes to Halloween activities with the kids.

Monster Pancakes

Plain flour – 135 grams

Milk – 130 millimetres

Large egg – 1

Caster sugar – 2 tablespoons

Salt – 1 tablespoon

Melted butter – 2 tablespoons

Baking powder – 1 tablespoon

Food colouring: purple, green and orange

Icing pens: black and white


  1. Sift the plain flour into a bowl, add the baking soda, salt and caster sugar.
  2. In another bowl, whisk together the milk, 1 large egg and the melted butter.
  3. Add the second bowl to the flour mixture and carefully whip up into a smooth batter.
  4. Separate the batter into three bowls and add a dash of purple food colouring to one, green to another and orange to the last bowl & stir.
  5. Parents: heat a non-stick frying pan on a low heat and melt a small knob of butter to cover the surface of the pan.
  6. Parents: once the pan is covered in a thin layer of butter, add one ladle of batter slowly to the pan (to keep them small and thick).
  7. Parents: leave your pancake to simmer and once it begins to bubble, gently use your spatula to lift and flip your pancake.
  8. Parents: when both sides of your pancakes are cooked – they’re good enough to eat!
  9. Stack your coloured pancakes and decorate using your white and black icing pens to form a spooky Halloween character!

False Teeth Apples


Mini marshmallows

Tub of peanut butter


  1. Parents: slide each apple into bitesize boats.
  2. Layer on the peanut butter to one side of each apple slice.
  3. Add a row of mini white marshmallows on top of the peanut butter side but only to half of the slides.
  4. Sandwich the peanut butter slides without the marshmallows on top to create your false teeth apples!

Hungry Box Monsters

Large cardboard box


White polystyrene balls



Coloured balls


  1. Parents: cut a wide hole out of the cardboard box – this will be the monster’s mouth.
  2. Get your children to paint the whole box – whatever colour they think the monster should be – it could be multicoloured!
  3. Draws eyes on your polystyrene balls and stick them on top of the box above the monster’s mouth.
  4. Decorate around your monster’s eyes with the blue feathers and the base of the box too!
  5. There you have it! Now play a game: feed the hungry box monster with the coloured balls – a fun game that will help your child to learn good hand/eye coordination.  

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