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Fun fitness activities for all the family

5th November 2016

Children are probably the most naturally energetic people on earth, and it’s vital to channel their energy in a direction that will benefit their fitness. Exercise is extremely important for people of all ages, so why not turn exercise into a bonding experience for all the family? Be a role model for your child by engaging them in activities that are not only beneficial for health, but that also boast a fun-factor. Take a look below at some of the best fun fitness activities for all the family.


Revive Playground Games

Playground games don’t have to stop at the nursery gates. These types of games usually have elements that make them both fun and lively, making them perfect for home too. Some popular ones include;

Simon Says: This game is a classic, and is probably well-known by your child already. One player is selected to be Simon, who shouts actions for the other players to perform with the phrase ‘Simon says’. If Simon does not begin his/her instruction with this phrase, players should not perform the action. Anyone who accidentally performs the action without Simon’s permission suffers a forfeit.

Traffic lights: Red means stop, yellow means walk and green means run. Someone is selected to call these colours which the other players must obey; make each other walk and run in a silly style for an extra dose of fun.

Innovative activities

If you’re looking for more unique ideas to grab your family’s interest, then the answer might be to work together and create your own games. Alternatively, the internet is full of ‘innovative’ game ideas guaranteed to both entertain and get everyone up and moving. Some ideas include;

Crossing the stream: Create a pretend ‘stream’ in your garden and challenge each other to jump across it. As the game continues, the stream will get wider and wider, forcing athletes to jump further to reach the other side. If anyone falls in the stream, they lose a life.

Socks: Similar to ‘tag’ but with a more interesting twist, this heart-pumping activity is essentially a chase and grab game. One person is named ‘It’ while everyone else must attach a sock to themselves. The aim of the game is for It to chase the other players and grab their very own sock. Expect plenty of breathless fun.

Fitness Bingo: It takes a little time to prepare, but this game is a great way to cram in a variety of entertainment in a short space of time. Create a bingo card with each square filled with a different activity to be completed. Simple!

Housework horseplay

Nobody particularly enjoys tidying up, but there are easy ways to make it interesting and active, helping to abate any boredom. Put a CD on and have a little dance as you get things spick and span. Or maybe you could have a Room Race; split the family into teams and have a race to see who can tidy and clean their assigned room the fastest. When both teams are done, they must then become ‘inspectors’ and check each other’s rooms for cleanliness.

Gardening is also another task that can be enjoyable and therapeutic. It is also a great opportunity to teach children about healthy foods, giving them the chance to see where fruit and veg comes from.

Venture into the great outdoors

Allow your children to develop a connection with the outdoors. Going on family walks is a great way to get everyone out of the house and into a new environment. As well as enjoying exercise and fresh air, there are many ways to make a walk exciting. Why not pretend to be explorers, and let your children lead the walk? Maybe you could even bring along some disposable cameras and have a mini-photography competition?

Hold a garden tournament

Most children enjoy a bit of healthy competition, so holding a tournament in your backyard is a memorable way to spend an afternoon bonding with your children, while still incorporating fitness-centered activities. Events could include football, cricket, and tennis, along with a series of sillier games, such as an egg and spoon race, an obstacle course or maybe even a dance-off. To quell the boredom while your child is waiting their turn, have them be the commentator while the other participants are playing.

At Tiny World Day Nurseries, we appreciate that fun and exercise often go hand in hand. We encourage all the children in our care to be active and fit, and understand its importance when twinned with a balanced diet. Our family-run group have locations across the Nottingham and Mansfield areas, caring for children from six weeks to 11 years old. To arrange a visit to one of our nurseries, simply give our friendly team a call who will be happy to help.