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Fun Easter treats to make with your children

7th April 2017

Add a sprinkle of sugar, a dash of spice and everything nice – in order to make some simple snacks for everyone to enjoy! With so many ideas all over the web, Tiny World Nursery have put together only the best ideas into one article, to help you and your families during the exciting Easter period. It’s time to make Easter treats with the kids, and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Sweet treats

Fluffy Bunny Truffles

What you need:

8 Ounces of soft cream cheese

4/5 Cups of powdered sugar

1 tsp Coconut extract

2/3 Cups of sweetened coconut flakes

How to:

  1. Pop the cream cheese into a bowl and mix until it’s light and fluffy.
  2. Sprinkle the sugar a cup at a time and mix into the dough until you’ve mixed all 4 or 5 cups.
  3. When the mix begins to toughen and stick to shape, roll into small balls.
  4. Pour the coconut into a bowl and roll the balls around to coat.

*If you don’t like coconut you could use white chocolate sprinkles instead and almond extract as an alternative.*

Have some fun with fluffy bunny truffles, they’ll look and taste great too; an ideal addition to any Easter event!

Frozen Yogurt Easter Eggs

If you’d rather make healthier treats, these frozen yogurt Easter eggs could be the way to go. This recipe includes mainly fruit and a little dash of honey.

What you need:

1 Banana

400 grams Blueberries or strawberries

2 tbs Honey

500 grams Natural yogurt

150 grams Raspberries

How to:

  1. Prepare the fruit, cut and wash.
  2. Pour in the yogurt and honey into the food processor and mix.
  3. Pop in the frozen fruit from the freezer and mix again until smooth.
  4. Pour the mix into Easter egg moulds and place in freezer for a couple of hours.
  5. Take out of the freezer and bring your Easter eggs out of their mould.

*You can also adapt the ingredients to whatever they prefer.*

Should you want a specific colour, you may want to experiment using coloured fruits. If you want green eggs you should use pear and apples, yellow – banana and melon, red – strawberry and apples, purple – blueberries and raspberries. Children love colourful creations!

Top Tips:

  • Place old newspapers on the counter tops, so the mess can just be picked up straight away with ease.
  • Use a bowl much bigger than you need to ensure the majority of the ingredients stay in the bowl.
  • Double the estimated time – so you can explain, take your time and of course, have fun!
  • Keep them busy with safe jobs such as mixing, sieving, icing and listening out for the timer.

Above are just a couple examples of fun and healthy treats, but if you would like to see more complicated creations, take a look at flower pot hummus dip, bunny mini cakes or Easter egg macarons!

Here at Tiny World Nursery we love to get creative with the kids, so let Easter be another reason to get messy. Try making something simple or have them attempt something a little more challenging. Based in Nottingham and Mansfield, we can be found on Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road and Layton Avenue, Mansfield. If you would like to get in touch or would like to take a tour, please get in touch today!