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Fun Christmas activities for your children

8th December 2016

Children love to let their imagination run free, and the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to unleash their creativity. December brings a sense of excitement that is almost tangible, and as a result, your little ones will want to be as involved in the Christmas festivities as possible. If you’re eager to engage your children with some festive fun but are unsure of where to begin, take a look at our ideas below for some Christmas activities for your children.

Indoor and outdoor snow play

Snowy weather in December is sometimes a reality, and other times a fantasy. Children love to play in the snow, and if you’re lucky enough to experience a white Christmas this year, take advantage of this special occasion. Have snowman-building contests to see who can build the craziest looking structure. Snowball fights are also a great opportunity to have some messy fun, but try and enforce the rule of below-the-head only.

If your garden is sparse of snow, never fear. With a little creativity you can have some snowy fun indoors. Encourage your kids to make a cotton wool snowman, complete with paper hat, buttons, nose and arms. You can also have a go at paper folding and cutting, creating your own intricate snowflakes for home decoration.

Make your own tree ornament

There’s nothing the little ones love better than decorating the tree, so why not give them the opportunity to make their very own tree ornament. Salt dough can easily be crafted into shapes and designs that can be cut out by hand or with cookie cutters. To make salt dough, simply combine a cup of salt and a cup of plain flour, pouring in a cup of water gradually until you are left with a dough-like consistency. Let everyone have a turn kneading the dough, and then have fun making your shapes. Be sure to punch a hole for the string at the top of the ornaments before they set. Pop them in the oven for up to three hours at a very low heat. Afterwards, it’s time to get decorating, adding colour and sparkles to your creations.

Christmas puzzles

A Christmas treasure hunt merges skill, fun and chocolate, a combination that is great for children. Create a trail of clues around your house, finishing with a sweet surprise.

For some brain-training, seasonal puzzles can provide some great entertainment for your little ones. Many pre-prepared puzzles are available online for easy printing. But if you want to be more imaginative, you can also print off blank templates and create your own puzzle, with questions tailored towards your own family. Why not let you children have a go at creating their own word search, and challenge Mummy and Daddy to solve it?

Get your kids cooking

Preparing for Christmas day can be a hectic task and one that could benefit from some little helpers! Cooking and eating tasty food is an important element of Yuletide, and one that’s easy to get your children involved in. Keep your little ones away from hot stoves or knives, and instead include them in some messy baking sessions. Making the Christmas cake can be a family affair, with everyone helping to transform the icing into a frosty snow scene. Cookies are also a fun treat to make as they allow lots of creativity and opportunity for decoration.

Build your own nativity scene

If you’re keen to remind your children about the true meaning of Christmas, get out the craft materials and have them construct their own nativity scene. A shoebox or cardboard box can serve as the stable, which can be easily embellished with colourful paints and other additions. Fill the floor with straw, and use little Lego men and playing blocks to create the manger and the visitors.

Here at Tiny World Day Nurseries, we know what it takes to make the little ones’ Christmas extra special. The children in our care have the opportunity to engage in crafting, painting and drawing, allowing their imaginations to run riot. We have three nurseries, located in the Nottingham and Mansfield areas, and all are available for visiting. Want to arrange a tour? Simply get in touch with our friendly team, who are happy to deal with all enquiries.