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Exciting Indoor Activities to do with your Children this Half term at Home

13th February 2015

So, what do we know about February? It’s cold, frosty, icy and we’re often still feeling rather strapped for cash after Christmas, then all of a sudden, February half-term springs up on you from nowhere. The kids need entertaining but more often than not, the weather is too miserable and it’s difficult to get out and about, so what do you do?

Well that’s where we can step in to help. In this article, we’re going to show you how to tackle the half-term holiday head on, with some fun indoor activities to do with your kids when you’re on a budget and stuck inside!

Scrap books

Encourage your children to collect memorable mementos from their travels and day trips out. This could include, postcards, entry tickets, receipts from favourite shops, anything they would like to keep hold of. Then when it’s half-term they can get creative and start putting them all together in a scrapbook using colourful pens, glitter, sequins etc. to make it look nice and pretty!


Try looking on BBC Good Food for some great baking ideas to try out with the kids. Whether they choose cookies, iced buns or fairy cakes, everyone can get involved and enjoy their hard efforts when they take the first taste!

Movie afternoon

After a fun filled, active morning, why not make the afternoon ‘movie afternoon’? If the kids are struggling to agree on a film, try Frozen which never seems to be a flop with the kids, no matter what age they might be!

Room tidying competition

An activity to help Mum and Dad out is room tidying, but put a twist on it and turn it into a competition to motivate them! You could even add a prize for the neatest, cleanest and tidiest room.


Playdough never fails to grab children’s attention. Try whipping up a batch with this easy recipe:

Mix 2 cups of plain flour, half a cup of salt, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 2 tablespoons of oil into a mixing bowl.
Add food colouring into roughly 1.5 cups of boiling water
Gradually add the boiling water into the dry ingredients
Allow to cool, then knead the mixture until all stickiness has disappeared.

Get some rolling pins and pastry cutters and they’re guaranteed to be kept entertained for hours!

Arts and crafts

Another way to help your child unleash their creative side is to get them painting and drawing. You could get them to draw a snowy picture for you with ‘real snow’ paint. Simply mix shaving foam with white glue and add glitter for fluffy – and nice smelling – snow paint.

Make a den

Let your children make a secret den using blanket and sheets to drape over tables and chairs. Make it cost and comfy inside with fleecy blankets and pillows, you could even decorate with fairy lights and give them games, books and snacks to take inside – they could be in there for hours!

So with a little forward planning, you can give your kids (and yourself!) a fun and enjoyable February half-term – so start your planning now!

If you’re working this half-term and are in need of excellent day care services to help keep your child well looked after and entertained, then please get in touch with Tiny World today.