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How different nursery colours affect your child’s mood

Many parents spend long hours deliberating over what colours to paint their children’s nursery. But expectant couples are now starting to...

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child sleeping with bear

Tips to get your child to sleep early

The effect that sleep has on children cannot be underestimated. Young children need more sleep than adults; around 11-14 hours a night...

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Tips to get your child up early

The summer of lie-ins are over, and now your kids will need to readjust to waking up early for school or nursery. This prospect can be a...

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How to Get Your Children Interested in the Environment

Children possess a natural curiosity about the world that will only diminish if it is not nurtured. Harnessing this curiosity, and teaching...

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How to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

Most people remember the warmth of reading a good book as a child, curling up with a parent or their cuddly toys, and escaping into a...

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The Importance of Music in a Child’s Development

Music is all around us and present in our lives, sometimes without even realising it. Whether walking down the street, shopping or driving...

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Top 5 Children’s Books for 0-5 Year Olds

If there is one thing that every parent should do with their child, it is read to them.  Read to them every day and at every opportunity,...

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The Importance of Art in Early Childhood Development

The human brain consists of two halves: the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is used for logical and...

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3 Clever Tactics To Help Promote Healthy Eating Habits In Children

Living a healthy life is not something that we are born knowing how to do. It is something we have to learn, practice and work towards....

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