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Bonfire night safety tips for young children

10th October 2017

There’s no doubt that children love bonfire night; with smooth hot chocolates, snuggly coats and gigantic fireworks to keep them entertained, the air is filled with excitement. With that come the wellies ready to take on those muddy fields and bobble hats to keep their ears warm, so whilst we’re protecting our children from the cold temperature winter brings, it’s also important to keep them safe during the activities on Bonfire Night. This month, Tiny World Day Nursery are here to offer up our top tips when it comes to Bonfire Night safety.

What to do with fireworks

If you are planning to take your children to see a firework display, it’s important to protect their ears with earmuffs; not only will they dampen the harsh sound of fireworks, but they will also keep them warm. Make sure toddlers are in their pushchairs to stop them from walking off or taking an adventure dangerously close to the bonfire. Teach them to stand back and admire the view, if you do the same they will learn from you. Show them to always stay behind the barrier because fireworks, although pretty and fun, are dangerous – so distance is key. Not only do fireworks have the potential to cause harm, but fires can expel sparks and embers that can catch fire to flammable materials.

It’s important to not scare your children with firework safety tips, so keep it light but enforce the importance of what you’re telling them. Explain that fireworks must only be handled by adults and to never go near them, especially when they’ve been lit and haven’t gone off. Also mention that they should not play with firework debris as it could still be ignited.

Lastly, not all children like fireworks and if they should become distressed by the sounds, watch from the car. Sitting in the car will offer them the fun of the pretty colours and formations whilst keeping the sound to a minimum. A compromise can help reduce the chances of them developing a fear of fireworks.

At the end of the day, bonfires and fireworks are there to enjoy, so it’s important to follow a few simple steps to ensure everyone’s safety, and guarantee a good time.

Take care with sparklers

As babies like to wriggle about, it’s advised that you should not hold a baby whilst holding a sparkler as this can prove to be a dangerous combination. If you do choose to give your child a sparkler to hold, they should be over the age of 5 and they must be supervised.

Sparklers are fun and to keep the experience enjoyable, show the children how to hold them at arm’s length, away from their hair and face. Only give them one, so they can focus on holding them properly. When holding sparklers, it’s vital to have a bucket of water nearby, so children aren’t tempted to touch the end of the stick once it has burnt out as they can still be scalding hot. Placing them in water will cool them down and prevent accidents.

Emergency situations

  • Burns should be tended to immediately with cold water. They should be kept under running water for at least ten minutes.
  • Do not touch a burn and do not remove clothing that’s stuck to the burn – this can cause deeper damage.
  • Have the burn tended to as quickly as possible – especially if they’re bigger than a 2 pence coin. Seek medical attention.
  • ‘Stop, drop and roll!’  if you or your child catch fire, this rule can save lives!



Tiny World Day Nursery take great care when it comes to children because we understand how important it is to keep them safe, teach them how to keep themselves safe and help develop their sensory and cognitive skills. If you’re looking for a dedicated and caring nursery and would like to take a tour of our premises, we can be found on either Stockhill Lane, Arnold Road or Layton Avenue in Mansfield. Call us today – we’d love to show you around!