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5 Ways to Make Sure that your Child Grows to their Full Potential

19th January 2015

Unfortunately, we cannot control how tall our children grow to be. It is one of those things that is out of our hands and comes down to science and genes. However, one thing we can do is to make sure other outside influences are not affecting our child’s natural growth.

Here our five top tips on how, as a parent, you can make sure your child has all the right ingredients to help them grow to their full potential.

1.Vitamins and nutrients

Getting the right vitamins and nutrients from a diet is crucial when it comes to encourages a healthy growth. Some of the main food groups you need to aim at including in your child’s diet include:

Milk – Milk contains calcium and vitamin D that supports bone growth. This can be included by either drinking milk or eating a milk product such as cheese and yoghurt. Three servings a day is sufficient in order to meet your child’s daily dietary requirements.

Fruit and veg – 5 servings of fruit or vegetables a day is the ideal amount your child should be eating. If getting your child to eat these foods is a struggle – or a daily battle for some parents – then try to incorporate them into a meal they enjoy eating, rather than alone as a snack e.g. cut up on porridge, a pizza topping, broccoli but with a tasty cheese sauce.

Protein – Protein foods such as meat and eggs are essential for growth. They also allow your body to build up muscle, organs and glands, as well as repair itself when needed – all things that a child needs during their crucial years of growth.

Carbohydrates – Your child needs to be eating foods such as bread, potatoes and pasta which give cells the energy they need in order for the body to grow.


Stretches and regular exercise can help your child’s growth whilst they are still young. Find what your child’s favourite activity is, it could be swimming, football, tennis etc. and encourage them to practice it regularly – maybe even join a club so they can make new friends at the same time.


Children need about 10 to 12 hours sleep a night in order to allow the body to regenerate tissue and grow. If your child struggles to sleep through the night or doesn’t like going to bed early enough to get a full 10 hours of sleep, then try and create a calming environment for them. Give them a hot drink and have them take a warm bath to help them relax.

4.Immune system

In extreme circumstances, a severe childhood illness carries with it the potential to stunt growth, so it is best to always try and keep a strong immune system. This is largely done by keeping the right diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables.


Try to encourage your child to maintain a good posture by sitting and standing straight. Slouching curves the spine and compressed the vertebrates, whereas a good posture will help keep a straight spine.

So, try not to worry if your child isn’t growing at the same pace as friends and peers their same age. If you try to incorporate these few tips into your child’s life, they will grow to be healthy, happy and reach their full potential!

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