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5 Things Every Child’s Bedroom Should Have

11th January 2016

For a young child, their bedroom is their own secret world where they feel safe, can truly be themselves and have all the fun they want to. Therefore it’s important to get the design of it right.

A well planned out children’s bedroom will have all the right elements to allow your child to continue their learning and development through play, as well as create a cosy space to comfort them when needed.

So this month, we’ve listed five things to incorporate into the room, so your child can get the most out of their bedroom…

Soft lighting

Bright lighting is needed for when your child is playing, but for the times when play isn’t on the agenda, soft lighting is far gentler and can help create the right mood to relax and unwind. For instance, a glow light, fairy lights or a night light are all ideal for bedtime, to help your child peacefully nod off. It can also be good to help your little one wake up first thing on those dark and cold winter mornings.


If your child brings their artwork home from school or nursery, decorate the bedroom walls with them so they can see their own work and feel proud. Similarly, if your child doesn’t often bring their work home, buy some fun, colourful pictures to hang from the walls to help inspire your child’s creativity.

Something to read

If there is enough space in the room for a bookcase, it’s a good idea to incorporate one into your child’s room. Fill it with stories, fact books, poetry, encyclopedias etc. so they are there ready for your child to read. If your child is too young to read, you can still introduce them to the letters of the alphabet by having alphabet blocks for them to play with. You can help them learn to spell out their name.

Warm and cuddly things

As well as being a place they can have fun and play lots, a bedroom needs to also be a place where your child can rest and unwind. Make sure there are warm blankets, cuddly toys and soft pillows to make the room cosy and give your child comfort.

Something chosen by them

Again, your child’s input will depend on their age but if they are old enough to express their own opinions and preferences, then let them choose something they would like for their bedroom. This could be a piece of furniture they like, a rug, something to hang on the wall, or simply a cuddly toy. Having their own things around them that they have chosen themselves will help make the space more personal to them, rather than being a collection of things you like and want to see.

Incorporating a mixture of these things, and more, into your child’s bedroom will help create a place where your child can be happy, play, discover new things and most importantly, make lasting memories.
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