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10 Things to Do With Your Kids Before They’re All Grown Up

15th January 2016

From your child’s first day at school, to waving them off to university, college or their first day at work, before you know it, their childhood has gone by in the blink of an eye.

To stop these years from rolling by in a blur, it’s important to make the most of your time with your children while they are young. To help you do just this, why not come up with an equivalent to a child’s bucket list of things to do before they’re all grown up?

To start you off, here are 10 things you could do with your child before they are too old to enjoy them anymore!

Have a shed or Wendy house
Hours of fun and play can be had in a garden shed or Wendy house where they can get lost in their own little world. You can help them to decorate the shed using stencils and paint, rugs and curtains, to make it nice and homely for your little ones to play.

Visit the zoo, farm or safari

Visiting animals, either at the zoo, in a farm, aquarium or safari park can be a very rewarding experience for young children, particularly if they don’t have any pets at home. Spending the day around animals that they don’t usually see is something new and interesting and is educational too.

Camp in the back garden

Before diving into the deep end and planning a whole camping trip, start by taking baby steps and camp with your child in your back garden. Put the tent up together, spend the evening telling and reading scary stories by torchlight, and take nice drinks and snacks to enjoy too.

Make snow angels

It isn’t very often we get a snowfall thick enough, but when we do, encourage your child to go and play in the snow and make snow angels, build snowmen and have snowball fights, before coming back inside to warm up with a yummy hot chocolate.

Own a pet

Having a family pet allows your child to learn how to be compassionate, caring, loving, respectful and teaches them responsibility. If you don’t have the time or commitment for an animal such as a dog, you could always go for something that’s more low maintenance like a cat or a rabbit.

Grow a vegetable patch

Getting your children involved in gardening has many educational benefits. They will learn about their wider environment and how to interact with it, and if they garden with a friend it can teach them how to share. Growing vegetables will also give them an appreciation for where the food they eat really comes from.

Have a seaside holiday

Spending quality time with friends and family by the seaside can be a great time for the kids. Being out in the fresh air is good for their health and being by the sea is a huge sensory experience for a young child who may not have been to the seaside before. They can come into contact with new things, such as how the sand and water feels against their skin.

Go to a live concert

Whether you go to a concert, show or pantomime with your child, experiencing a live performance is like nothing else and can be real fun!

Learn to play an instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is an opportunity that every child should have. If your child is interested in one instrument in particular, you should encourage them to take up lessons, whether through school or private lessons.  

Have a pen pal

Writing to a pen pal may seem an old-fashioned thing to do but it can be a lot of fun. Writing a letter, sending it off and then waiting for your reply to drop through the letterbox can be exciting and you’ll make a new friend out of it too!   

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