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10 Fun creative activities to do with your children over the summer holidays

18th August 2014

Children are naturally curious and creative, with a desire to discover everything their gaze falls upon. As parents we should be encouraging and nurturing their creativity as it is this that helps them develop, grow and learn.

With the summer holidays in full swing, this is the ideal time to put this notion into practice and inspire your child to get creative with fun and stimulating activities!

1) Outdoor art zone
Make a corner of your garden an ‘Art Zone’ offering a place for the children to get as arty, messy and creative as they can. Allow them to use paints, crayons, water colours, clay etc. and let their imaginations run wild!

2) Hanging Decorations

All you need is paper, crayons, scissors and string for this one.
• Simply draw matching shapes on some cardboard and cut the shapes out e.g. stars.
• Use the crayons to colour in and create patterns on both sides of the shape.
• Collect the shapes together in pairs, then cut a slit from the top to the middle of one shape, then a slit from the bottom to the middle on the other, then slot the two shapes together by sliding the slits over one another.
• Make a small hole at the top and thread some string or ribbon through and your decoration is ready to hang!

3) Picnic in the park

Get the children involved in making a picnic to take to the park. You can pack some of their favourite foods, including healthy snacks and treats. Pack some activities you can play, such as a bat and ball or a Frisbee and make a day of it!

4) Hand and foot painting
Let your child cover their hands and feet in paint (preferably do this outdoors) and walk over paper, creating patterns and pictures with their prints. You could also try wrapping bubble wrap over their feet and then dipping them in paint to create a different pattern on the paper.

5) Paint the shed
If you have a garden shed, rather than painting it a boring regular colour, like green or brown, why not get the kids to help you paint it a lively, fun colour and use stencils to personalise and decorate it.

6) Get crafty

Kids love things that glow in the dark, which is why this glow jar is perfect! Recycle an old glass jar and use glow in the dark silly putty to make shapes and stick to the outside of the jar. Leave it in direct sunlight to charge and then at night time place it next to your bed and wait for it to glow!

7) Create a memory book

Take photographs throughout the summer, then towards the end of the summer you can create a memory book and include captions, text, photos, mementos and other additional decorations such as stickers, glitter, sequins etc.

8) Plant seeds

On a sunny day, spend the day in the garden planting flowers, seeds, vegetables etc. Make sure your child gets actively involved in this and continues to water and care for whatever they have planted.

9) Outdoor chalk drawing

Depending on how precious you are about your patio, you can buy some chunky chalk and let your kids draw and write on your patio or driveway. This can easily be removed with water and sweeping over with brush.

10) Visit the beach

To a child, a beach is a hub of excitement and discovery simply waiting to happen. If you get chance to take your children to the beach this summer, let them explore the rock pools, build sand castles, write in the sand, plays games…whatever takes their fancy! If your child is younger, the beach can be a great sensory experience for them as they feel the sea breeze, play with the sand and watch and feel the waves crash in.

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